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Hey guys listen im soo sorry i havent been on for like ages, and i have sooo many imaginesto do, i promise im working on thm and they will be done soon.

But while you are wating i have started writing a janoskian fan fic.

Please write n my page, first to write on my page gets to be:

Beaus girlfriend- me
Luke’s gf-
Jai’s gf-
Daniel’s gf-
James’ gf-

So comment your name and yeah i will put the first chapter up when i have all the characters coz the story is done, so get commenting……
Do you wanna be in it??


Harry: Hey babe. Listen im so sorry I wont be able to make your birthday, Paul wants us to do extra cncerts:(
You: Heyy:) oh um its ok
Harry: Are you sure?
You: yes. Um i gotta go luff you
Harry : ok Luff you to

" Ay Rachel wats up why are you tearing up?????"
” Harry nor you are gonna be here for my birthday”
” Ok how bout wego for a few drinks tonight, since its my last night here for 8 months”
” nah im good”
” Why are you so slack????”
*Hits you with a pillow which leads into having a pillow fight*

* 3 days later*
You wake up excited to pick up harry, but you forgot he’s not coming back.
*texts from hazza*
Haz: heyy babe happy birthday!!!
You: heyy thanks so i forgot to ask, when are u coming back?
Haz: um 4 weeks
You: ok.
Haz: Babe i frogot somthing in our room, if you look in the first draw there should be a red envelope can you open it and text what it says yo me please?!?
You: OMG haz you didn’t. But I cant go without you.
Haz: Babe its NY do you know howmmany shops there are?
You: OMG I leaves tonight!!?!?
Haz: Yes it does so stop texting me and start packing!!!!!!

* 21 hours later*
You arrive at your hotel to find screaming girls. You get into your room and start unpacking when you hear a knock on the door ” coming” you said ” hi im here for room sevice” the guy said ” um i didnt order room sevice” you replied, then out of no where Harry jumped out from the cart ” oh but i did” ” haz!!!” you screamed as you jumped up and hugged him and planted a kiss on his lips, ” come on do you wanna go shopping or what??”

” do you know how much i LUFF you?!?!”
” No i dont?!?!”
” I LUFF you more than a million m’n’m’s

' This is the bes birthday ever!!!!!' you thought to your self.

Hi Rachel i hope you like it!?!!!

Do you like it every one????

Imagine (ZAYN)

Your Birthday

'Where is he?' you thought to yourself, it was you 19th birthday and Zayn was supposed to be at the resturant at 8:00, Guess what time it is now 11:45. He promised he wouldnt miss it.

2 hours later

Finally he arrived. ” Hi Ba-” you cut him off “Zayn im sick of this, you promised me you would be here. Zqyn its my birthday all I wanted was to spend it with you! And now you are late” ” Baby girl just come with me” We get in the car not saying a word 15 minutes later we arrive at the beach.
” Zayn why are we here?” he grabs my hand and leads me further into the beach after anout five minutes walking we reach a pincnic blanket set out with candles and my fave snacks “Zayn-” he cut me off and he pressed his lips on mine. “Wow Zayn, i an Soo sorry for getting amgry at you, I Love you, please forgive me” “Babe of course i do i love you to” and that night i got my one wish.



So I am writing a new fanfic and I need a few main characters!!! Reblog this once and your name will be put in a random generator!!! I will message you if you win!!!! Good Luck!!! xx

  • Niall Horan’s Girlfriend
  • Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend
  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend
  • Liam Payne’s Girlfriend
  • Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend
  • Louis Tomlinson’s Best Friend
  • Boys Manager
  • Boys Hairstylist

(Source: finnlovesgingerbiscuits)

You waking up to a blaring sun in your face. It is just passed 7:18 and you roll over to see those big hazel eyes of Zayn’s. You give him a kinky smile and he pulls your hair back behind your ear whispering, “You look beautiful today” (: He pulls you in closely and gives you a shy kiss. The morning has obviously started off well.. but so has the whole entire day. Yall stay in bed all day just talking about what you love most about each other. He decides to make a move and you result in a little “sexy time”. (via zaynsloverr)
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